Studio 666 equipment:


1 - Guitar - B.C.Rich - KKV

2 - Millenium E Drums

3 - Presonus large diaphragm condenser M7 microphone

4 - Presonus HD7 (Headphones)

5 - Presonus USB Sound Card

6 - Recording software - Presonus Studio One 4.6 ver. Professional

7 - Mackie mixer

8 - Lexicon reverb, delay racks

9 - MIDI Keyboard

10 - INTIMIDATION XS - 5 - Pair Studio Monitors


My passion is... black metal forever!

I was 16-17 years old and I was obsessed

from black metal bands like Emperor, Burzum

Dimmu Borgir and etc. I decided to singing

and play my own black metal band.

Everthing is start like joke, and summer of

2010 Atranium is start like project. One

man band.

Band History:

Atranium is one man black metal project

until 2015. 2010 I recording two demo songs

and 2011 I release the first album with name

"Winter Poems". All lyrics is are satanic,

antichrist with ambient pads in prelude

or end of song but not always.

Actually I like ambient pads effects.

After I'm release 2014 album "World From Mirrors"

(in traslate) Neberoth meet Misho guy from other

black metal project from my town with name

"Krovuel" Misho meet me his friend Xaosrion.

I give idea to united Atranium and Krovuel and

Xaosrion on drums in one band with new name.

Misho say: Guys I'm finished with music.

Xaosrion join to Atranium like drummer and

vocal and manager on band in Bulgaria and

abroad. From 2010 until to today I still improve

my mixing skills techniques.

Recording Studio 666 is located:


Post Address J.K. Trakia 4023 and

West Midlands (UK)

My favorite bands:

Nargaroth, Burzum,
Wolves In Throne Room,

Paysage d'Hiver, Dark Space,
Battle Dagorath, Luror, Watain, Mystic Circle, Barshasketh, Dissection, Austere, Monarque, Krovuel (BG) and etc.

Neberoth - Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Effects, Song Creator, lyrics, Mixing And Mastering.

Xaosrion - Drums, Vocals

Recording Vocals And Drums Reherse Session

Neberoth and My Best Friend